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Ways to Brighten Up your Living Space

Shaker Run - Monday, July 20, 2015

Have you looked around your apartment lately and said, how blah? We thought it would be a great idea to provide some tips on how to brighten up your living space with easy and cost efficient options.

1. Washi Tape -  I know you're probably saying to yourself, what in the world is Washi Tape? I too was not familiar with this item until I did a little research. Washi Tape is safe to use on walls  and it wont detstroy paint or leave behind a glue residue that is a great option that you can use for all different decorating ideas. Check out the following link for ways on how to use Washi Tape within your apartment space -

2. Open your Blinds -  We all like our privacy but at times we can make a room feel small and dark by constantly leaving the blinds/curtains down. By allowing more light to come into your apartment it can improve your overall mood as sunlight provides us with Vitamin D. Another great option to consider would be switching out your light bulbs. There are full spectrum bulbs that actually mimic natual sunlight. It is a little on the pricey side but the benefits are amazing!

3. Feeling a little DIY?  If you love making DIY projects then this one is right up your alley! Making homemade flowers that can adhere to any wall space is a fantastic way to bring color into any room. For a great DIY flower check out the following link -

No matter what route you choose to go, any small change can make a huge impact on brightening up your living space!

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