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Three Tips for Furnishing Your First Apartment on a Budget

Shaker Run - Tuesday, November 01, 2016

As exciting as moving into your first apartment or home can be, it brings with it a considerable amount of stress and financial strain. One of the first things to think about is how you’re going to furnish your new apartment – a daunting task that seems like it will take up all of your time and money, especially if you’re moving to start a new job. These budget-friendly tips are designed to ease the transition into your first home:

  1. Prioritize – As much as you might want to settle into your new home immediately, you don’t need every piece of furniture all at once! Make a list of furniture from most essential – usually including at least a mattress – to least, and work your way from there.

  2. Buy Used Furniture – Check out your local yard sales, Craigslist listings, and even look in Facebook’s “marketplace” section for gently used goods at an affordable price. This may take some patience, as you will not always find exactly what you want right away, but your dream coffee or dining room table could be awaiting you!

  3. Borrow or “rehome” from Family and Friends – Spread the word amongst family and friends that you’re looking for furniture! You never know who might be looking to downsize their furniture or replace their current items with new ones.

However you find your new furniture, we hope you’ll enjoy your exciting new experience living at Shaker Run!

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