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Refreshing Summer Beverages Everyone Can Drink

Shaker Run - Tuesday, August 02, 2016

You can have a great summer beverage without the alcohol! All ages can get in on the fun with these drinks:

Non-Alcoholic Sangria

Colorful Non-Alcoholic Sangria and fruit

Not only does it taste great – but all of the antioxidant-rich fruits makes it healthy too!


  • 4 cups white grape juice (1 l)
  • ¼ cup blueberries (40 g) + ¾ cup blueberries (120 g)
  • 1 cup orange juice (250 ml)
  • Juice of 1 lime + 2 limes
  • 2 oranges
  • 2 bananas
  • 2 peaches


  1. Blend the white grape juice with ¼ cup blueberries. Pour the mixture into a jar or bowl.
  2. Add both the orange and lime juices. Stir until the ingredients are well mixed.
  3. Chop up the oranges, bananas, limes, and peaches.
  4. Add the chopped fruits, remaining ¾ cup of blueberries, and the liquid mixture into a jar over ice.
  5. Refrigerate the non-alcoholic sangria in the refrigerator for about two hours before serving.

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Frozen hot chocolate drink with a candy cane straw

This classic is perfect on a blistering hot day! This recipe will make 2-3 servings.


  • 6 ounces of chocolate
  • 4 teaspoons of hot cocoa mix
  • 4 tablespoons of powdered sugar
  • 3 cups of milk
  • 5-6 cups of ice


  • 1 teaspoon espresso powder
  • Marshmallows, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles for garnish


  1. Melt the chocolate in a pan over low/medium heat.
  2. Whisk in hot cocoa mix, powdered sugar, and espresso powder (if used) until it is well-combined and there are no lumps remaining. Allow mixture to cool.
  3. After the chocolate mixture has cooled down, mix it with the milk and ice in a blender until the ingredients are all well-incorporated.
  4. Garnish with optional ingredients if desired, and serve!

We hope you’ll make these refreshing drinks to cool down during the remaining days of summer at Shaker Run!

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