How to Be a Good Neighbor While Renting an Apartment

Shaker Run - Tuesday, July 25, 2017
Group of neighbors talking and eating at a dinner party

Whether you’ve been renting an apartment for a while, or, you’re a new renter, there is a code of conduct that should be followed in order to be an ideal neighbor. Being a good neighbor is a universal language, everyone deserves respect and a peaceful place to live. We have gathered a list of dos and don’ts for your reference and guidance. 

Manners Matter
Since the dawn of time we’ve been told that manners matter and being polite goes a long way. 
Do: Say thank you when you receive help from the Maintenance Staff. Keep in mind that they are doing their job in order to make your living space efficient and to make you feel comfortable. If a neighbor lends a helping hands, or offers to help, thank them and return the favor. You never know, you may need them to pick up your mail while you’re out of town!
Don’t: This one is pretty simple. Don’t forget to be polite and courteous. 

Pay Attention

While living in your apartment, you should get to know your neighbors. You don’t have to be their best friend, but, you should at least know who lives around you.
Do: Pay attention to who is coming and going in your building. If you haven’t seen a neighbor in a while, knock on their door and see if they’re ok.
Don’t: Being aware of your surroundings doesn’t mean you need to be a detective. Put your telescope away unless you’re stargazing!

Your apartment is your home, and within reason, you should be able to live as you please. However, you do need to be mindful of those around you and your noise level.
Do: Keep your noise to a reasonable level. If you feel as though it may become unreasonable, give your neighbors a friendly heads up beforehand. Maybe you’re having friends over for a big game or a series finale; let your neighbors know the noise might get a little loud. Suggest to them that they may knock on your door, or call you, if they feel it’s disruptive. Better yet, extend an invitation to them!
Don’t: You shouldn’t play loud music late in the evening, and, don’t let your guest get out of control. Be mindful that you are not the only one in the building, some people have children or may work different hours than you and the noise may become disruptive.

If you don’t park your vehicle in a garage, or you’re having guest, be aware of how and where the vehicle is parked.
Do: Park where you are supposed to, this includes your guests as well. Keeping the vehicle between the lines is ideal as well.
Don’t: The don’ts are something we learn when we first begin driving, but, can sometimes be forgotten. Don’t take up two spots. Park your vehicle in a garage or parking spot, not on the lawn, or other unwarranted space. 

Now that you’ve read the Good Neighbor list, where do you fall? If you feel there are steps you can take to be an ideal neighbor, there’s no better time than the present! 

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10 Items You Aren’t Responsible for While Renting

Shaker Run - Monday, July 17, 2017

A major perk for renters is having fewer responsibilities than that of homeowners. Be the envy of your home-owning friends with these major perks from Shaker Run. 

1. Maintenance Repairs

While renting, we understand that things do happen, and replacements will need to be made. Renters won’t be responsible for repairs or replacement, unless there has been gross neglect. You are responsible, however, for notifying our Maintenance Staff of the repair request.  

2. Snow Removal
The great northeast is no stranger to snow storms and snow removal. Luckily for you, snow removal is left to us to handle! 

3. School Taxes
Homeowners are required to pay school taxes whether they have children or not. Renters are lucky enough to avoid paying this tax.

4. Lawn Maintenance 

Spend the warmer months enjoying what you love doing as opposed to yard work. Spring clean-up, planting, and mowing are all part of our maintenance plan. 

5. Property Updates
Need a new roof or siding replaced? Not something you need to worry about taking care of while renting with Shaker Run!

6. Replace Flooring
Having new flooring installed can be quite costly for homeowners, making it a wonderful perk for renters. Replacement of flooring, unless there has been gross neglect, is up to Shaker Run for replacement.

7. Pest Control
As winter comes to an end; pests begin to appear again in the lawn. They can be quite the nuisance, but, not one that renters need to handle. 

8. Pavement Upkeep 
Pavement upkeep is another costly expense homeowners may face. This is not the case for renters though! Pavement upkeep falls to the responsibility of Shaker Run.

9. Garbage
While renting, you are responsible for ridding your apartment of garbage and waste, you are not responsible for the garbage being hauled away. 

10. Property Taxes
Yet another cost associated with home-ownership are property taxes, and depending on the area, they can be quite costly. This is an expense incurred by homeowners, and not renters, making it a valuable perk for renters. 

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How to be a Good Tenant That Every Apartment Complex Will Love

Shaker Run - Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Father blow drying daughters hair

When it comes to being a tenant, you, of course, want to be the ideal renter, the one that doesn’t raise any eyebrows or cause any issues. In order to maintain the ‘ideal renter’ status, there are rules to follow and tips to keep in mind.


Rental History

While filling out a rental application, complexes may ask you for your rental history and references. While calling your previous complex managers, or references, they will try to gain as much information about you as possible. Did you maintain your property? Were you ever late in paying the rent? These questions and more are all taken into consideration while your application is looked over. 

Read Your Lease

During the signing process, you will be given your lease to look over and sign. Once it is signed you are stating that you have read, and understand the lease. Prior to signing your acknowledgment, read the lease line by line. If you have any questions, or something is unclear, you are encouraged to ask questions.

Be Respectful

In addition to maintaining your apartment, alerting the management team if there is an issue that needs addressing in a timely fashion makes for a respectful tenant. This is something that can potentially come up with your rental history. Late rental payments, noise complaints, and property damages also have the potential of raising a red flag.



We’ve heard for most of our lives that ‘honesty is the best policy’ which is true for renters as well. Being upfront and forthcoming during the application process will put everyone in the ideal situation. Falsifying documentation will only hurt you in the long-run.


While renting, it is your responsibility to maintain the living space. Leaving behind food remnants and splatters can create an issue for the building, apartment, and neighbors. Ensuring your hall is clear of debris and using the proper trash receptacles also helps to make you a clean and respectful tenant.

Following these tips will help to make you the ideal tenant. If you’re looking for a new place to call home, contact us to schedule your tour!

Why Summer is the Best Time to Move

Shaker Run - Friday, June 09, 2017
couple moving into their new apartment during the summer

Summer can be an ideal season for most anyone, the weather is in our favor, school is out, and we can finally take our well-deserved vacations! It’s even an ideal time move into a new apartment.


In the Northeast we value our seasonal changes, when winter comes to an end we are more than ready for green grass and sunshine. These elements also make it easier to move.

While heat may be slightly uncomfortable, it’s certainly more desirable than the alternative-a blizzard. There’s nothing worse than having a snowstorm hit our area and interrupt your moving time. Not only does it cause headaches, but it can also be dangerous attempting to carry furniture and boxes on wet or snowy walkways. Snow storms may also delay your move completely.

More Availability

Many Americans move between May and September, which means during these months there are numerous apartments available for rent. While this will give you plenty of options while browsing, you shouldn’t wait too long as the apartment you love because someone else could be vying for the same space.

School is Out

Not only is there a higher availability of rental units, but, many families choose to move during the summer months so school time is not disrupted. There can also be a period of adjustment time for kids, this will give them time to adjust and acclimate to their new surroundings.

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How to Make the Most of Your Closet Space

Shaker Run - Monday, May 22, 2017
Messy apartment closet

No matter how big your closet is, it always seems too easy to fill it up. Take back some of your apartment’s storage space with these easy-to-do tips:

-          Double your space by using simple things such as the tabs from soda cans, or attached to a hanger. This is a great idea if you have two shirts that you often wear together – such as a tank top or shirt with a sweater, or your favorite shirt and blazer combo.

-          Grab an extra pack of shower curtain hooks to hang your scarves. Simply attach them to a sturdy hanger, and slide your scarves through to keep them neat, orderly, and all in one place.

-          Take things out if necessary. If you have heavy sweaters still hanging in your closet, now is the time to remove them! Summertime is the perfect time to find a great trunk or other storage item at a flea market or thrift store. Make it into a décor piece for your apartment, and store all of your out-of-season items away. No one will ever know that you’re stashing clothes into such a nice piece of furniture!

-          Leave your shoes elsewhere. Instead of lining your closet with your shoes, find another space for them! Floor space in your closet is valuable for dressers or other storage items you may want to keep in there for all of your clothing. Instead, keep shoes in shelving by your apartment door, or stash pairs you don’t often use under your bed or on a high shelf.

Organize away, and continue to live your best life at Shaker Run!

Three Ways to Bring Summer Into Your Apartment at Shaker Run

Shaker Run - Monday, May 08, 2017

With summer just around the corner, you might start thinking about all the ways you’re going to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. BBQ’s, picnics with friends, hikes, boat rides, and more. But what happens when you’re spent a long day out in the hot sun, and you’re ready to retreat back into your apartment? Bring the summer inside with these décor tips!

1. Change Out Your Curtains: Winter is gone, so you don’t need those thick, dark curtains to keep you from staring out at the dreary winter weather anymore! Pop in some light, airy curtains in their place, and let the sunlight keep you company from the safety of your air-conditioned indoors. 

2. Embark on Some Fun Projects: While you’re unwinding, take the opportunity to get crafty! There are several fun and easy DIY projects for every taste and many that you’ll be able to enjoy all summer long! Check out some ideas here.

3. Redesign: Bringing the outdoors in means you’ll want to encompass everything you love about being outdoors in the summer inside. If you enjoy lounging on a big comfortable chair by the pool and reading, creating your own reading nook by a bright window where you can still feel the warmth of the sun. If you enjoy the colors of the beach, change up your color palette to match the hues that you would naturally see outdoors – think sandy beige, sky blue, and sea green. 

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Four Ways to Get Involved in the Local Community

Shaker Run - Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Whether you’re new to the community, or just looking for new ways to get involved, there’s sure to be something you’re interested in near your home at Shaker Run.

  1. National MS Society: Do you enjoy planning and organizing? The National MS Society’s Upstate New York Chapter is seeking a Project Coodinator – someone who will lead a task force of fellow volunteers. No matter what your skill is, chances are, it can benefit the National MS Society in some way! If you’re not comfortable with leading a task force, there are other volunteer opportunities available, as well!

  2. Job Shadowing for Junior Achievement:Take your kid to work day? You can do it all over again. With this program, all you have to do is give students a chance to experience your workplace, and allow them to see how the skills they’re learning now might help them in the future.

  3. Walk to End Alzheimer’s: Get involved for a great cause this year! This opportunity requires you to attend only one meeting per month, and participate in one of six sub-committees. These committees will work to promote and grow the march, before it takes place on September 23rd!

  4. Classroom Volunteer: Make a difference in the future of our community by getting involved and participating in the lives of young students. Choose a program that will best fit your schedule, learn about your step-by-step lesson plan, and step into a classroom alongside teachers! There’s little more rewarding than helping young students get on a bright path.

Ready to get started? Find volunteer opportunities near our wonderful community today!

Local Places for Delicious Baked Goods

Shaker Run - Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Hosting a big family dinner for your spring holiday? There are several vendors in the Capital District around Shaker Run that can make it a little easier on you, by providing the desserts and baked goods that will wow your guests!

Some of our favorites include:

  • Bon-Bon Brazil: Provide a multicultural experience for your guests with homemade Brigadeiros – a unique Brazilian sweet that oftentimes draws comparisons to fudgy chocolate truffles.

  • Country Hearth Baking: In need of something gluten-free? Country Hearth Baking is your place to go! Here you can find a wide variety of gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free cookies, soy-free brownies, fresh scones, easy mixes to make at home, and even some bread and pies!

  • Electric Cookie Jar: If cookies are your thing, Electric Cookie Jar is a great local brand that will be sure to find the perfect flavor for you! The flavors expand far beyond the “norm”, with favorites such as bacon gingersnap, honey ginger, potato chip chocolate, and white chocolate cranberry. Also on their menu are vegan and sugar-free options. Best of all, if you don’t see a flavor you’d like, you can request a custom flavor made just for you!

  • Le Marais Chocolat: If you’re looking for truffles, this is the place to go. Le Marais Chocolat uses locally sourced, fair trade, and organic ingredients with their Cordillera chocolate. Flavors include Lavender Rose, Raspberry Sherry, Earl Grey, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean, and many more. More than that, you can find chocolate bark, French Macarons, gluten free-scones, cookies, and brownies, as well as custom pastries and desserts tailored for your party!

Now for the difficult part…what are you going to choose?! No matter what you decide to pick up, you can feel good about supporting your local community and providing your guests with a delicious treat they’re sure to remember.

Clever Ways to Add Storage in Your Apartment

Shaker Run - Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It’s wintertime, and that means you’re likely spending quite a bit of time hunkering down in your apartment at Shaker Run. Take advantage of the time with these clever ways to make your home neater than ever:

  • Keep your cords handy and in order with binder clips! Simply clip a few on the side of your desk, and use the metal handles to keep your cords from falling and tangling up on the floor.

  • If your tank tops are taking up too much room in your drawers or closet, there’s an easy fix. Take one hanger, adorn it with shower curtain rings, and clip your tank tops into the rings. This is a major space-saver!

  • Store your extra bed sheets underneath the mattress! Don’t worry about getting an under-the-bed storage bin – simply fold up the sheets, and stack them at the foot of your bed, between the mattress and frame (or box spring, if you have one).

  • Instead of using old newspapers or pool noodles to hold the shape of your boots, get a vertical shoe rack! These shoe racks allow you to store multiple pairs of boots neatly, in one place, and without the added mess or frustration!

Get creative, and spend your time home at Shaker Run wisely!

Three Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Friends

Shaker Run - Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Valentine’s Day tends to center around romantic love, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your friendships this month, too! Take a page out of Leslie Knope’s book and celebrate your closest friends with a Valentine’s Day adventure! There are several ways to enjoy this day, below are just a few ideas that you can do right here at Shaker Run.

  1. Host a Potlock Dinner – We all know your friends are talented cooks, so let them show it off! Have everyone pick a dish of their choosing, and enjoy everyone’s great cooking skills and conversation at your home.

  2. Host a Good Old-Fashioned Sleepover – While you’re at it, put those leftovers from dinner away, break out the face masks and pillows, and get comfy in front of a great movie! There’s no better time to relive your high school youth than right now!

  3. Enjoy a Fun DIY Project – There’s nothing like doing a DIY project with your best buds! Pick a fun project (or two) to embark on together. It can be anything from a cross-stitch with funny sayings, sprucing up some dishes, or even making artwork at your own paint ‘n’ sip!

No matter what you do this Valentine’s Day, make it a fun and memorable time to celebrate your friendships!

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