3 Different Floor Plans to Choose From at Shaker Run Apartments

Shaker Run - Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Spacious bedroom

Searching for an apartment brings up a lot of feelings and emotions; it can be exciting but sometimes frustrating as well. Something that can be the most frustrating is the lack of floor plan options many apartment complexes have to offer. Shaker Run Apartments understands that one-size certainly does not fit all, which is why we offer 3 different floor plans

Floor Plans Offered At Shaker Run Apartments 

One Bedroom: Our one bedroom apartments are perfect for people who don’t host a lot of overnight guests, but, love hosting dinner parties and gatherings with friends and family. The kitchen is equipped with plenty of space to cook and prep as well as a breakfast nook while the living room and dining room areas give your guests ample space to enjoy themselves. 

As if that wasn’t enough, each apartment is equipped with its own HVAC so you can control your climate as needed – many complexes can’t say the same. Each apartment is also equipped with a private balcony so you can enjoy your morning coffee in peace before beginning your day!

Two Bedroom: Our two bedroom apartments are perfect for small families, people who frequently have guests staying the night, or people who enjoy having a little more space! In addition to the wonderful qualities of our one bedroom apartments, our two bedrooms have more than enough storage. The master bedroom is spacious and has its own personal bathroom so you can get ready for the day in peace.

Our residents are also able to enjoy a breath of fresh air on their own private patio or balcony area. Enjoy a cup of coffee as you watch the sun come up! 

Three Bedroom: The three bedroom apartments we offer are for those who need space for everything; family, guests, entertaining, as well as their own private bathroom. The master bedroom is spacious and has its own private bathroom so you can get ready for your day in peace, and with a bit of privacy. The third bedroom has the potential to be used as a den if that’s preferable to fit your needs! 

The kitchen and balcony both create additional space for you to enjoy the fresh air and scenery that surrounds our apartments.  

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Perhaps your current living situation doesn’t meet (or surpass) your needs. If that’s the case, it’s time to reconsider and find a new place to call home! Contact Shaker Run Apartments today to schedule a tour. You’ll be calling us home before you know it!

3 Tips and Tricks to Help With Your Spring Cleaning

Shaker Run - Monday, March 05, 2018
Cleaning Supplies

The temperatures are beginning to pick up and the warmer weather is just on the horizon which makes this the perfect time to get your spring cleaning done (or at least underway). We’ve gathered a list of 3 tips and tricks to help you make your way through the dust and clutter! 

3 Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Reduce, reuse, recycle: the three R’s don’t just pertain to what we do with our empty bottles and cardboard boxes. Reduce the amount of paper towels you use while cleaning windows and mirrors, or better yet, replace your paper towels with a reusable cloth. If you’re getting rid of items you no longer use, consider donating them to help your community rather than disposing of them. 
2. Freshen up your space: Our homes can get so musty during the winter months. When the temperatures begin to rise and you can turn your heat off, open up your windows to air out your space! While the windows are open you can take that time to give them a good cleaning as well. Warmer weather also creates the opportune time to take your duvet, rugs, and blankets outside to air out!
3. Don’t get overwhelmed: Spring cleaning can be a big task to take on, but, it doesn’t have to be. Unless you’re planning a gathering of friends and family, take your time and chip away at the process. Set goals for yourself and then once they’re reached, take a break!

When it comes time to clean, we hope you find these tips to be useful for you!  If you have any tips or tricks you’d like to share, let us know on Facebook (@shakerrunapartments). Or, if your goal this spring is to find a new place to call home, schedule a tour; we’re sure you’ll love what you see!

Start Growing Your Own Herbs

Shaker Run - Monday, February 19, 2018
Indoor Plants

Gardening is a hobby that many enjoy, even those who reside in apartments can get in on the fun with! All you need is one or two sunny windows at Shaker Run to get started. 

What Herbs Should I Grow?

For an indoor garden, it’s best to stick to herbs that won’t become overgrown, or grow too quickly. Kitchen staples such as basil, rosemary, thyme, and parsley are a must-have for every garden. Remember – starting with seeds is less expensive; however, they require more attention and may take a few months before you are able to reap the benefits. 

How to Manage Your Plants:

Start with your containers. You can opt to plant multiple plants in a large container that is at least 6-12 inches deep. You can also use individual pots that are at least 6 inches for each plant. If you’re starting with seeds, you can use any small container, and transport the plants into larger containers once they are between 2 – 4 inches tall. Finally, you’ll want to ensure that your containers have drainage holes and are sitting on a saucer or similar dish that will hold the drainage water. 

When transporting your plants to a new container, be sure to use potting mix instead of garden soil, which makes it more difficult for the water to pass through after time. Create a 2-3 inch layer of potting mix at the bottom of your container, before gently loosening the roots to flare out your plant, and gently place it into the new container. Finish filling in the container with potting mix, leaving just an inch or so free at the top for water. Water your plant immediately after transporting it to its new container. 

Do not overwater your plants. The best way to test whether or not your plant needs to be watered is to gently poke your finger into the soil. If the soil is dry an inch or two into the container, give it some water. Watering slowly is best; you’ll want to watch the bottom of the container, and stop watering once water starts to leave the container and drain into the saucer below. 

Pruning (or snipping) your plants will encourage healthy growth. Snipping the tips off of basil, rosemary, and similar plants will encourage the plant to branch more. With your cilantro and parsley – which are bushier – you can remove entire stems from the outer edge of the plant to encourage new growth. 

Once you’ve started your indoor herb garden, you’ll be able to use the herbs as soon as you see new growth! Don’t let apartment living stop you from growing your own herbs. Impress your friends with your green thumb and have some great meals made with fresh herbs!

Winter Events for Everyone in the Capital Region

Shaker Run - Thursday, February 01, 2018
Fun in the snow

We might be in the middle of a blistery cold winter, but, that doesn't mean you have to be stuck inside your home all season. During the month of February albany.com  has something scheduled every week! Events such as ice skating, basketball games, a wine and chocolate festival, and everything in between - there's fun for the whole family throughout the Capital Region no matter if you prefer to be indoors or outdoors!

Indoor Fun in the Capital Region:

Siena Men's Basketball Games: Head to the Times Union Center on February 2nd to show your support for the Siena Men's Basketball team as they take on Manhattan. Unable to make that game? That's okay! The Saints will be back at it on February 12th at the Times Union Center to take on Iona, and then again on February 18th to take on Monmouth.

Wine and Chocolate Festival:
Who doesn't love the classic combination of wine and chocolate? You won't want to miss this event on February 10th at The Desmond Hotel in Albany!

Children's Star Sighting: February 17th the Henry Hudson Planetarium is hosting an event suitable for kids in grades pre-k through second grade. Children's Star Sighting is an interactive program that allows children to explore the stars, planets, comets, and constellations in the night sky.

Longfellows Wedding Show: Are you or someone you know planning a wedding? Head to Longfellows on February 25th for The Longfellows Wedding Show. This is their 18th year hosting the event. 

Outdoor Fun in the Capital Region:

Fire and Ice Days at The Mill/Ice Bar:
Spend an evening relaxing at a 30-foot ice bar or have some fun using the ice-sculpted shuffleboard at The Mill/Ice Bar in Round Lake. The Ice Bar will be open each weekend throughout the month of February. There will even be fire pits to keep you toasty while enjoying the ice. 

Clifton Park Winterfest: The Town of Clifton Park is hosting their annual Winterfest on February 10th with events for the whole family! Face painting, Best Soup contest, horse-drawn sleigh rides, and a winter nature tour – there's plenty for everyone. 

Youth Hockey: Do you know a child who is interested in learning how to play hockey? Get them started for free on February 24th at the Empire State Plaza. The event is hosted by USA Hockey and Troy Albany Youth Hockey. 

These are only a few of the events happening throughout the Capital Region during the month of February! With so much happening, there's no reason to feel the winter blues.

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3 Steps for an Expert Interior Design

Shaker Run - Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Redecorating and interior design aren’t as difficult as they seem. Incorporating these decorating secrets for a home that is sure to wow your guests while eliminating the unnecessary stress! 

3 Interior Design Tips to Incorporate This Year

1. Create a focal point: Much like the fashion industry, statement pieces are essential! Whether it’s a gorgeous coffee table, a couch with a boastful personality, or a colorful area rug allow your piece to shine by giving your furniture ample breathing room. 
2. Pick a color scheme: While creating your interior design plan, choose a scheme of a few colors that can be incorporated throughout your home. Using these colors in different ways will create a cohesive look throughout your entire home.
3. Mix pieces: Create a complimentary set of items such as vases or place settings. Don’t be afraid to pick up items at a local thrift store, mix-and-match pieces online or in-store in order to create your own unique decorations or place settings. 

The most important part of all of this is to have fun throughout the entire redesigning process. We hope that you have been inspired to create a unique space that is reflective of your personality and style! We’d also like to see your final product, share pictures with our Facebook page (@ShakerRunApartments). Who knows, you might inspire someone! 

Perhaps you need a blank slate before you begin your interior design project. Contact us today to schedule a tour! You’ll be calling Shaker Run Apartments home before you know it!

Start 2018 with a New Home at Shaker Run Apartments

Shaker Run - Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Shaker Run Apartments is nestled in the Village of Colonie within the South Colonie School District. We are proud to have created a quiet, rural-like community; with so many perks and amenities you’ll be ready to call us your home sooner rather than later.

Benefits of Living at Shaker Run Apartments

Our residents enjoy a high level of comfort while living in one of our many layouts. We offer one, two, or three-bedroom luxury apartments. Each of our apartments have walk in closets, air conditioning, and we’re adjacent to the Village of Colonie’s Walking Trail! 

Some of our other amenities include:
Intercom Entry: Safety is a top priority for our entire staff which is why our buildings are equipped with secure entrances.
Club House: Our community center offers residents a place to work or relax with a full kitchen and business/media area. Not only that, it also has a fitness room!
Pool Area: Enjoy relaxing poolside during those warm summer months! 
Laundry Facilities: Each building has its own Laundry Center. You won’t have to worry about going outside during rain or snow to take care of your clothes! 

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To hear more about what Shaker Run Apartments has to offer our residents, and to schedule a tour, we encourage you to contact us!

4 Renter-Friendly Ways to Use Wallpaper

Shaker Run - Friday, December 22, 2017

Have you ever spotted a roll of wallpaper that you fell in love with but weren’t sure how to incorporate it in your home without putting it on your walls? We have the tips and ideas you’ve been searching for! 

Frame It: Wallpaper doesn’t have to mean floor to ceiling; you can use it as an accent piece hanging on your wall. Find a frame (or frames) you love, jot down the size(s) and head to the hardware store. Once you find the perfect pattern, purchase enough to fill your frame. Since it will hang on your wall, you can easily switch it out for another pattern or design to flow with the seasons. 

Add It To Furniture: Flea markets and thrift shops are a great place to find pieces that call for a little DIY makeover. Choose a piece that will fit in your living room, office, or bedroom and find some wallpaper that will work well on the piece while tying together the room. 

Customize A Clock: This will work especially well if you have wallpaper leftover from your furniture DIY project. Any home goods, or hardware, store you walk through will have a plain clock waiting for a new face! Hang the clock on a wall opposite from your covered furniture to create more texture in your space.

Line Shadowbox Shelves: If you have incorporated box shelves into your home either for function or decoration, this gives you an added opportunity for more texture and eye catching pieces.  

You’ve heard our ideas, now go out there and create new pieces for your home! 

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Decorate for the Holidays with 5 Tips from Shaker Run Apartments

Shaker Run - Monday, December 04, 2017
The holiday season is a time to decorate our homes, even in an apartment you can still achieve the decorating scheme you’re aspiring for. From decorating shelves to switching out your usual textiles, we have tips that are sure to be successful for your home. 

1. Decorate Somewhere Unexpected: Contrary to popular belief, your holiday decorations aren’t restricted to the living room of your home. Do something unexpected this year, hang garland around each doorway, add wintery figurines to your bathroom sink or to your kitchen counter tops. 

2. Work with Your Wall Space: Holiday-themed wall hangings are sure to make any space feel cheerier. If redecorating your walls isn’t appealing you can wrap the pictures, paintings, or clocks that you have hung so that they look like gifts. Then, when the season is over, unwrap the “presents”! 

3. Cozier Textiles: Warm up any room with a chunky knit throw or a luxurious velvet pillow. Take it a step further by sticking to the holiday season theme or color scheme you’re working with.

4. Decorate a Shelf: If you’ve added shelves or a book case to your home, this creates the perfect opportunity to add holiday flair. Not everyone loves a lot of decorations for the holiday season; this is the perfect way to celebrate the season without having something everywhere.
5. Do Something Extra for the Door: Hang a wreath on the outside of your door so your guests are greeted warmly with scenes of the season. If you want to bring even more cheer to the inside of your home, wrap the door like a present complete with ribbon and a bow! 

Let us know how you’re decorating for the season and if you’ve incorporated any of our tips and suggestions! 

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The Benefits of a Maintenance Staff with Shaker Run Apartments

Shaker Run - Thursday, November 16, 2017
An added benefit to renting an apartment from Shaker Run is our superior maintenance staff. While many apartment complexes have a maintenance staff, ours has the added benefit of being onsite when you need them. From drain issues to snow removal; our team has you covered.

Our maintenance staff is able to assist with the items listed below and many more!

Clogged drains
Repair/replacement of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Snow removal (Out of town and there’s a snow storm? Let us know!)
Broken/inoperative heating or air conditioning systems
Emergency maintenance – any circumstance that is harmful to human life or the property will be taken care of immediately, even after hours!

Additionally, our maintenance staff performs yearly preventative inspections to ensure issues are taken care of in a timely and professional manner. 

Our maintenance staff can be reached by phone (518-452-3044) or by filling out our Maintenance Request Form. In the event where emergency after hours maintenance is necessary, please call 518-640-2616. 

In the event that you need assistance with a task such as changing a light bulb, or the batteries in your smoke detector, our staff will be happy to come assist you!

For more information, or to schedule a tour of our beautiful apartments contact Shaker Run Apartments today!

A Thanksgiving Checklist for Hosts: 4 Essential Tips for Your Holiday

Shaker Run - Friday, November 03, 2017

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, with the day being all about food, it’s easy for someone hosting to forget some key items. To start, there’s the combination of overnight guests and meal prepping (especially if they’re coming before the big day) on top of the already stressful day of preparing food and being a good host.  

Make Your Lists: First step with this is to create your menu; keeping in mind if any of your guests are bringing a dish. With an already long list of items to buy, your list will help keep you on track. Making sure nothing is forgotten and ensures that you’re not purchasing duplicate items, or an item that won’t get used. 

Once your shopping list is set, create your schedule for the big day – including cooking times! Additionally, you’ll want to touch base with the guests who are bringing dishes. Doing this prior to the big day will help make sure all the bases are covered and nothing is forgotten.

Prepare Your Kitchen: Now that your lists are prepared, it’s time to move on to preparing your kitchen! This is arguably the busiest day your kitchen will see for the year so it’s imperative you give it special attention ahead of time. Organize your pantry, clean the fridge – make sure there’s enough room for Thanksgiving food and dishes! 

If you’re making a dish you’ve never made before, now is the time to make sure you have all the tools that you need! There’s nothing worse than starting a dish and realizing you’re missing something and then getting stuck. 

Prepare Your Guest Room: Hopefully at this point you know if you are expecting any overnight guests and if so, how many. If your apartment has a guest room (or if your kids are bunking together for the night) now is the time to get everything in order. Change the bed linens if they’ve been used recently, vacuum, clean the windows and curtains. If you think any of your guests require something special, ask them ahead of time so you’re prepared to make their stay more comfortable. 

Work on Your Dining Room: Right after the kitchen, this room will see the most action throughout the course of the holiday. The dining room is much more than the table and chairs. Take into consideration table linens, place settings, and tablescape. 

If you’re going to use the good china and silver, take them out ahead of time as they will need special attention and prep work. Take inventory of your chairs, do you have enough or will you need more? Is a kids table in order, or will they be sitting with the adults? Next, take into consideration your tablescape and decorations. Do you need to purchase any decorations? Consider picking up real mini pumpkins and gourds, they’ll add a nice touch to your décor and you can toss them out at the end of the season rather than pack away more things. 

We hope you found these tips helpful; apply them to your home today and see how much they help you in preparation of the big day. 

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