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Moving is Tough, Make It Easier with these 4 Essential Tools!

Shaker Run - Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Packing tape tool taping up moving box

Congratulations, you found a great apartment at Shaker Run! But now youre not quite sure what you’ll need for the moving process. Not to worry. We’ve got you covered.

There are certain tools that are critical to just about every move. Here are the top four:

Packing Tape

Dont cut corners and use another kind of tape you have lying around. Get the tape used specifically for packing. Ideally, it will come in a hand-held dispenser with a blade for easy cutting.

Be sure to sufficiently seal each box to prevent any unfortunate mishaps. Two strips across the top and bottom should do the trick.


Something as simple as a black marker might not seem like an important tool. But it is. Imagine packing all of your possessions and then not having any idea which boxes contain your precious breakables.

Clearly indicate the contents on the side of each box. Mark delicate items as FRAGILE. Also, specifying the room each box belongs in can make moving day a lot more organized and less stressful.

Moving Dolly

Dont make the mistake of forgoing the dolly and then pull a back muscle hauling your dresser up two flights of stairs. You may think you wont need one but its almost certain that you will. Save yourself a lot of emotional and physical agony and opt for the dolly when you rent the moving truck. Or see if you can borrow one from a friend.

Screwdriver and/or Allen Wrench

A screwdriver is a necessity for breaking down and reassembling furniture. Assess the pieces that need to be taken apart to determine what size screwdriver(s) you will need. Some furniture deconstruction might require an Allen wrench instead of a screwdriver, so make sure you are prepared. Since either tool is so inexpensive, it might make sense to purchase both of them.

Stock up on these essentials, and you’ll be ready to go on moving day!

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