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How to Make the Most of Your Closet Space

Shaker Run - Monday, May 22, 2017
Messy apartment closet

No matter how big your closet is, it always seems too easy to fill it up. Take back some of your apartment’s storage space with these easy-to-do tips:

-          Double your space by using simple things such as the tabs from soda cans, or attached to a hanger. This is a great idea if you have two shirts that you often wear together – such as a tank top or shirt with a sweater, or your favorite shirt and blazer combo.

-          Grab an extra pack of shower curtain hooks to hang your scarves. Simply attach them to a sturdy hanger, and slide your scarves through to keep them neat, orderly, and all in one place.

-          Take things out if necessary. If you have heavy sweaters still hanging in your closet, now is the time to remove them! Summertime is the perfect time to find a great trunk or other storage item at a flea market or thrift store. Make it into a décor piece for your apartment, and store all of your out-of-season items away. No one will ever know that you’re stashing clothes into such a nice piece of furniture!

-          Leave your shoes elsewhere. Instead of lining your closet with your shoes, find another space for them! Floor space in your closet is valuable for dressers or other storage items you may want to keep in there for all of your clothing. Instead, keep shoes in shelving by your apartment door, or stash pairs you don’t often use under your bed or on a high shelf.

Organize away, and continue to live your best life at Shaker Run!

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