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How to find your "Ideal" Apartment!

Shaker Run - Monday, August 10, 2015

The best way to find your "ideal" apartment is to make a check list of items that you are looking for. 

-Is location an issue for you? 

- How big or small do you want your place to be? 

-Do you need an assigned parking space? 

-Would you rather have plenty of closet space versus square footage? 

-Do you have a pet? 

-How much are you willing to pay? 

With the amount of Apartment Complexes within the Capital District it can become overwhelming to visit each property to confirm what you do and do not like. The above mentioned checklist of items will help narrow down the search for you. Contact the property and get a feel for the property manager. Ask all your questions if you cannot find the answer to them on the web.

Once you have narrowed your list to potential Apartment Complexes that you may be interested in, set up an appointment to tour the property. Make sure you look at all the amenities that the complex may offer. Such as a pool area, recreational room, fitness room, basketball/tennis court, etc. to see if they fit within your check list of requirements. ALWAYS ask questions you may have during your showing so you feel confident you know all about that property.

No matter what you have written down on your checklist, doing your research and viewing the property/actual apartment that you could potentially rent, is the best way to ensure you are able to cross off as many requirements as possible on finding your "ideal" apartment. 

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