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How to Create A Stress-Free Work Week

Shaker Run - Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Ever get a case of the Sunday scaries? Once Sunday afternoon rolls around, many people stop enjoying their weekend and start worrying about the week ahead. While we can’t tackle that big presentation you’ve been dreading or put together the report that’s due on Monday afternoon, we can provide some tips on how to make your week a little easier!

Do Your Laundry

Start the week with an empty laundry basket and a full closet. Nothing is worse than realizing Monday morning that all your dress pants or uniforms are dirty and laying on your closet floor. Take a few hours on Sunday afternoon to wash your clothes, sheets, and towels all in one go. Knowing you won’t have to fit laundry into a busy workweek will lift some stress from your shoulders.

Meal Prep

Preparing your meals ahead of time has several great advantages! If you order lunch most days, you’ll save a lot money by bringing lunch from home instead. You won’t have to scavenge through the fridge and spend time putting together a lunch each night either.

Whether you want to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner or just one of the meals is up to you. You can also find meals that take only 30 minutes to cook or an hour depending on how complicated and fancy you want your meals to be. Oatmeal muffins, one-sheet meals, and burrito bowls are all quick and delicious meals that will keep in the fridge throughout the week.

Clean Up

While your laundry is in the dryer and your breakfast muffins are in the oven, take 15 minutes to do some cleaning. Vacuum the floors, straighten up your closet and give your bathroom a quick scrub. A clean apartment will make coming home after a long day feel even better.

With clean laundry, meals prepped and in the fridge, and a sparkling clean apartment, you’ll rest easy Sunday night knowing the week ahead will involve a few less chores. Once you come home to your Shaker Run apartment, you’ll be able to truly relax!

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