How to Brighten Up Your Apartment This Winter

Shaker Run - Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wintertime can be rough for a number of reasons. Now that the excitement of the holidays is over, the next couple of months can often feel bleak, especially with the long stretch of darkness every night. Luckily, there are a few ways you can brighten up your home to bring a little bit of life into your world before spring!

Take some time to assess your apartment at Shaker Run – or even bring in a friend to help identify the dark areas that could use some work. Once you’ve done this, you can move onto brightening your space through a variety of ways:

Lighting – Add funky lamps in a variety of colors that will warm your space and add a bit of your own unique flare. Be sure to use bulbs that reflect the kind of light you want – whether it’s soft light, or one that is closer to that of natural daylight.

Accent Colors – Yellow is sure to brighten up bleak winter days, but using colors that best accent your furniture and compliment your style will help perk up your days, no matter what they are. You can add accent colors with throw pillows, rugs, new artwork, or even a tapestry to fill in wall space that has been left empty.

Make It Personal – If you have a tendency to feel more nostalgic during this time of year, adding photos and memories to your wall space can only help. Make a collage of your favorite photos with friends and family to display in a prominent area of your home that you’ll see often. You can also use whiteboards to keep track of goals that you may have for the New Year or upcoming plans. This will serve as a little reminder that the dark days of winter will not last forever, even if it seems like it now!

Long nights and bad weather are the perfect excuse to spruce up your home! Make 2017 the best year for home décor you’ve ever had.

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