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Don’t Rent an Apartment Without First Checking These 4 Things!

Shaker Run - Tuesday, November 24, 2015

landlord showing an apartment

When looking for an apartment to potentially live in, there are many questions that need to be asked and factors that need to be considered before signing a lease. Below are a few topics to inquire about when researching your next accommodations.

  1. Storage Space: The bedrooms have large closets and the kitchen has what you think is a sufficient amount of cabinet space. But what about extra storage? Look for more stowing options that are included in the apartment you are looking at, such as built-in shelving, extra closets, crawl spaces, attics, garages, and basements. You’ll be surprised at how much storage space you will need! At Shaker Run, we provide our tenants with the option for an individual storage unit.
  2. Water Pressure: When looking at an apartment, be sure to run the showers and faucets to make sure there is sufficient water pressure, there are no clogs, and that everything is working properly. It’s also smart to flush the toilets to make sure they are in working order as well. Shaker run has an on-site maintenance crew that keeps everything in tip-top shape, so you’d never have to worry!
  3. Trash Removal: You definitely want to find out about this before you decide to move in. Is it included in the rent (it is at Shaker Run!)? Are you responsible for your own trash removal, or will it be picked up? If it will be picked up, where does it need to be left? Are there any rules surrounding pickup, such as bag color or trash contents? Be sure to find out, as it wouldn’t be fun to move in somewhere and then find out you need to bring your trash to the dump every week.
  4. Security: It’s very important to ask what type of security, if any, is implemented at the apartment complex. Is there already a built-in alarm system? Is there on-site security? Shaker Run has an intercom security entrance in place to protect our tenants from unwanted visitors.

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