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5 Smart Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

Shaker Run - Tuesday, September 20, 2016
neat and organized cups, plates and bowls in kitchen cabinets

With all of the things we keep in our kitchen – from Tupperware lids to water bottles and beyond – it sometimes seems impossible to keep everything neat and organized. Here are some tips to make the best use of your kitchen space:

  1. Use Tension Rods to Keep Items Upright and Organized

    Keep your cutting boards upright and your Tupperware neatly filed away in your drawers by using tension rods to create dividers between your items.

  2. Make Use of Bins

    This one is great for tall, hard-to-reach cabinets! Use labeled bins to store all of your items such as Tupperware. This way you’ll be able to easily find things and match all of your containers and storage items.

  3. Add Shelves Inside Your Cabinets

    Adding a shelf will make the best use of tall cabinets, so you can store your pots and pans with ease. Shelving units are available that you can simply place inside your cabinets.

  4. Use a Lazy Susan for Your Spices

    Stop reaching in the back of your cabinet and rooting around looking for the right spice by keeping it all within easy reach with a lazy susan!

  5. Multi-Purpose Your Flatware Caddies

    Organize more than just your flatware into these easy dividers by buying an extra flatware caddy or two!

  6. For more ideas on how to organize your kitchen at Shaker Run, visit this big list at Apartment Therapy.

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