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3 Ideas for Making Your Apartment Cozier

Shaker Run - Tuesday, February 02, 2016

view of snowy landscape from an apartment window

During the winter, you want your home to be an escape from the harsh, cold weather. That means turning up the cozy factor as much as possible! There are plenty of easy ways you can make your Shaker Run apartment feel comfortable and relaxing in the winter. Here are a few of our favorite ideas!

Add pops of color!

apartment living room using accent pieces with vibrant colors as decoration

Just because it’s dreary outside, it doesn’t mean your apartment has to feel dreary as well! Grab a colorful throw pillow or blanket and add some fun to your décor. The colors will give you feelings of spring and make the winter seem a little less bleak.

Layer it up!

Dining room chairs with coverings to decorate with layers

Winter is all about the layers! Bring this concept into your home by putting chair covers over your dining room chairs, or try layering a textured throw rug over an area rug!

Maximize natural light!

apartment living room decorated with large mirror to maximize natural light

We all know that winter means shorter days, so a great way to combat that is to take advantage of daylight as much as possible. Hanging a large mirror on a blank wall will help to reflect light through your apartment during the day and is sure to liven up the overall vibe of the space!

With a few simple changes or additions to your current décor, you can make your apartment look and feel like a cozy retreat from the crazy Upstate, NY winter weather!

Photos retrieved from BHG.

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